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I found Sheena on the Alliance Independent Authors Association website on the rating page for excellence for editing. I needed someone with excellent experience and skills, as past editors did not meet the standard I required. 

Sheena gave the precise dates when to start and finish and she met those deadlines without me chasing as I previously had to.  When she started the work, Sheena showed me examples of the work to check if I was happy for her to continue, and I was.

I told Sheena the main issues of the manuscript and was able to work with the guidance I gave and more! The outcome of her editing showed exactly what I wanted and gave me significant confidence in my ability as an author as well. I felt happy with the work, and that encouraged me to believe I am an author - with the support of a very good editor!

Maria Liviero Why We Make Bad Decisions  (Coming 2023)

No words can express how thankful I am to have met Sheena on my writing
journey. Working with her is a blessing, and I couldn't have hoped for a
better expert! Sheena did an amazing copy-editing job for this first
non-fiction project I have writtenin a foreign language, and offered me a
thorough insight into my work. She read my mind from the first word to
the last to perfection, re-wording and re-phrasing wherever it was needed
in such a clever way, while successfully managing to keep "my voice", tone
and rhythm throughout, far beyond my expectations. Sheena also
provided very attentive and friendly comments on a separate document and
via email exchanges, to help me navigate "my first time" as a
self-published and foreign author. Her support and dedication have been
the most precious! I will definitely not hesitate for a second to ask for her
services again in the future. Thank you ever so much, Sheena, for every
tiny detail and suggestion, all your comments and corrections have made
this work shine with a much brighter light!

Bérénice Darnault You Are The Lingo You Speak (YATLYS)


I found the proofread that Sheena completed for me was excellent - and her suggestions for alterations were helpful.  I agreed with much of what she said, and interestingly Sheena flagged up a couple of things that I had some concerns about so I was pleased with that!

Erica-Jane Battison Honest Dealing: The Sefwarian Nyss  series

Sheena was clear on her availability dates which reassured me that she had quality time to concentrate on proofreading my booklet. 


She completed the task with skill, assurance and alacrity, in fact she delivered the completed work earlier than expected. 


I would recommend Sheena for all your proofreading needs.

Wendy Edwards  Our Bluebird Forget-Me-Not   

As a newbie author, I had everything to learn about editing, and Sheena took all the stress out of the process. I was delighted when she was willing to jump in to help me at short notice, and it became apparent immediately that my manuscript was in good hands. And I was right. Not only did I have my manuscript completed and returned in a short time, but the blurb too!
Sheena has a sharp eye and manages to make improvements while keeping the author voice, which is amazing. I was delighted with her suggestions along the way. My writing now looks crisp and polished, and her fees were reasonable.
I can't recommend Sheena highly enough. I'm looking forward to working with her again soon.

L B Arthur  Ariessy of Midgard 

It was a pleasure to work with Sheena, she did a great job proofreading my novel. She was quick and efficient and her eagle eye didn’t miss a thing. I will definitely use her expertise again.

Elena Kravchenko  Breathe

When you admire a wood carving, imagine the subtractive process back in the studio and the floor of shavings. Those should be gathered up in a jar and made the universal award for keen editors like Sheena who made my book leaner and better. Many thanks.

Gregg Mokrzycki   In the Absence of Struggle

I am grateful and can only say good things about my experience working with Sheena. 

The first thing what made me choose Sheena was her approach when she asked to see as much as possible of the manuscript - to get a look into the 'heart of the story' and not just 1000 words. Being a 'newbie' in fiction writing, I was admittedly terrified and also ignorant. 

Sheena has been a fantastic help not only with copy-editing but also with valuable advice, and she has given me confidence along the way. With English not being my mother-tongue  she has been patient with me, correcting and giving suggestions while same time keeping the 'soul' of the story. Although I am 6ooo miles away and from another continent, working with Sheena was a breeze - she was efficient, prompt and kept me informed throughout the process.

A huge 'Thank you’!

A.B. Love Imprinted  

An excellent all-round editor, Sheena is able to grasp the author’s voice and edit in a way that brings that voice to the surface. She is very good at identifying scenes that ought to be shortened or cut out and often identifies needless repetition in the prose as well as logical inconsistencies in the plot. I highly recommend her.

Robert    June 2019

It is always a comfort to find someone who is good at their job, and Sheena is certainly that. On time, kept informed throughout the process, and on budget. To sum up - no problems, no worries, no need to go elsewhere.

Ian Morgan

Inspector Hopkinson's Discovery 

Sheena was very professional to work with. She was quick to communicate, met deadlines ahead of time, and worked within needed parameters.  I now have a clean, polished manuscript thanks to her copy-editing prowess.

Mary Sheriff

Boop and Eve's Road Trip

Sheena did an excellent job on my manuscript. She was polite, friendly, professional and delivered on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Dr Sweeny Johal  Me Time 

Sheena is a proofreader recommended by ALLi (Association of Independent Authors) and I found she provided an excellent service. My manuscript had already been copy edited, but as well as correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, Sheena also suggested further text revisions where the words could flow more smoothly, which was much appreciated. All work was finished on time, and any follow up points on her revisions were completed promptly.

G.D. Harper 

A Friend in Deed  and Silent Money

Sheena has been a source of great help for me throughout managing my manuscript for editing purposes. She was meticulous with her timing and schedules and promised to deliver and DID deliver on time each time in the various stages of editing. We worked together really well and her recommendations were always helpful, insightful and aimed at getting the best out of my first novel. I can safely say that there were no hiccups along the way over the last three or four months and I will definitely be using her services again for my second novel.

Sangeeta Kathuria

The Scarlet Promise 

I have found Sheena to be of great help, with copy-editing and proofreading my collection of non-fiction short stories. She was able to maintain my voice as the narrator and stayed true to the themes that ran throughout the stories – all of which was a big concern for me, initially, when choosing a copy-editor. Rest assured, your work will be left in capable hands! Sheena, I would like to thank you again for all your work. 

Author of The Commute From Hell: 50 Reasons Why We Love To Hate The London Underground,

As a first time novelist I was looking for someone who would not only be able to help me with the editing of my book, but also some advice about the processes involved in getting my book ready for publishing. I have to say I was incredibly nervous about meeting her for the first time, a bit like meeting the head teacher, but she couldn’t have been more approachable and I was immediately put at ease!

Sheena has maintained the integrity of my work demonstrating an understanding of what I was trying to achieve whilst providing a professional overview of the commercial viability of the finished project. I am so happy to have reached the final stages of this process with the best possible version of the story I want to tell.

I think it’s so important to trust the person who is working with you and I can honestly say I respect and trust Sheena’s opinion and input. She has a personal approach and spends time getting to know you and the context of your work. Her process is meticulous and professional, she has worked to deadlines and I have been informed and involved throughout.

It is difficult to encapsulate all that I have taken from this process in a few sentences but I would say that, as a new writer, she has given me the confidence to work towards a finished product and has helped me to develop as a writer. Thank you so much and I highly recommend you!

  Lisa Young

  Out and Proud


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