What would you like to know about my services and how I work? Hopefully the answer is here:

Why do I need a specialist editor?

Fiction is very different to, say, academic, report, marketing or journalistic writing. A fiction editor is a specialist in dealing with issues such as: 

  • Point of view

  • Character development

  • Plot

  • Pace and action

  • Consistency of content

  • Formatting of fiction text

A great deal of non-fiction  writing is concerned with things such as layout, tables and diagrams, facts, and  references. Certain types of non-fiction also require specialist editing e.g. medical, legal, or music manuscripts.

So it makes sense to hire someone who has expertise in your kind of writing.


Do you work with US English?

Yes, I work with US writers and have a number of overseas clients, so I'm famililiar with the differences between UK and US writing.


What genres do you have experience with?

I have worked on memoirs/journals and also help-help materials.

With regard to fiction, I specialise in romance, mystery, thriller, young adult, road trip/travel, and historical books.


Can you write my blurb/synopsis?

Many authors say that they find writing an overview of their book, either for a back cover or for a synopsis the most difficult thing in the writing process. It seems that as the creator of the book it is hard to stand back and distil the essence of the writing into just a few sentences or paragraphs. 

I am always happy to write these, especially for books that I have worked on, as, apart from the author, I am probably the person who knows the book best.

I would normally write several versions of a back-cover blurb so that the author can make a choice about which elements work best for them.

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